The Team

Hamlin Grange, Executive Produced and Co-Founder

Hamlin Grange

executive producer & co-founder


Cynthia Reyes-Grange, Founder

Cynthia Reyes



MaryAnn Isbister, Project Manager


operations manager

Lauren Reyes-Grange, Community Manager

Lauren Reyes-Grange

community manager


Powys Dewhurst, Pitch Producer


producer: pitch competition/
Innoversity content development committee


Kristin Jones, Event and Partnership Coordinator

Kristin Jones

event & partnership coordinator



Paul Lewis, Chair of the Steering Committee

Paul Lewis


president and general Manager,
Discovery Channel,
Bell Media

Hamlin Grange, founder

Hamlin Grange

executive producer & co-founder,

Romeo Candido, Content Creator / Producer

Romeo Candido

content creator / producer

Karen Clout, Manager, Shaw Media

Karen Clout

Shaw Media

Jon de la Mothe, Director, Media Innovation & Technology, CBC

Jon de la Mothe

director, media innovation & technology,

Jennifer Holness, Writer, Producer, Partner, Hungry Eyes Film & Television

Jennifer Holness

writer, producer, partner,
Hungry Eyes Film & Television

Bill McQueen, Fireweed Media Productions

Bill McQueen

Fireweed Media Productions

Bianca Reino, Community Investment Representative, Bell Media

Bianca Reino

Community Investment Representative,
Bell Media

Innoversity believes that an inclusive media is a more innovative, creative and relevant media. For more than a decade, we have reached out to media industry leaders, and creators from a broad diversity of backgrounds and skills. We welcome everyone, particularly individuals of groups under-represented in the media, including persons with disabilities, Aboriginal and visible minorities, and new immigrants.

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